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Data Destruction

How confident are you about the privacy of your data? In today’s market, you not only have to worry about information getting leaked, but you also have to protect your customer and client data as well. When it comes time to ridding these files, it’s not as easy as simply tossing them in the trash. Documents and data need to be unreadable, and shredded or removed completely.

Commercial shredders come in all sizes, whether you need something smaller for your start-up business or shredders that can handle book size jobs. There are also shredders that handle things like DVDs, CDs, and USB files. Need a specialty shredder for your casino? Formax has a line of shredders that specifically handles these needs. They even have hard punch equipment that can destroy hard drives and SSDs. As a Formax network partner, we’re happy to offer you a wide array of choices.

When it comes to data destruction, it’s vital that it gets done right. Don’t do the job half-way, only to realize it wasn’t good enough. Mavericks Office Solutions can help you sort out which equipment would be best in your scenario, and make sure you’re up and running. Contact us today to learn more about data destruction options.

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