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Optimize your office and boost employee productivity with connected lighting

Why Smart Buildings?

Companies must embrace the digital disruption to stay relevant, profitable and attract talent.

So what does this mean for the real estate world?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the central tenet of smart buildings where devices collect and share data about themselves, their users, their environments, and the other devices with which they connect. This data provides insights allowing businesses to maximize energy savings, optimize space and improve employee well being and productivity.

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    What is the role of lighting in a smart building?

    The digital nature of LED technology brings illumination and IT together, allowing lighting systems to participate in the Internet of Things. Philips connected lighting systems uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology into the IoT – an ideal way to support efficiencies across a smart building according to the 3-30-300 Principle.

    The 3-30-300SM Principle developed by real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), compares the relative amounts of money that organizations typically spend on utilities, rent, and payroll. If a business spends $3 per square foot per year for utilities, it spends $30 for rent and $300 for payroll.

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