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What is Block-Time?

Given the situation, moving to a “Block Time” arrangement may be a good initial step to helping you understand that your IT shouldn’t only be given attention when things have gone wrong – but needs continuous attention to prevent things going wrong at all.

A block-time agreement is where an IT company sells their clients blocks of contracted time up-front, and then decreases that block of time every time they do work on the clients IT infrastructure.

Mavericks sell block-time as needed. Sold in block of 10 Hours.

Why move to Block-Time?

A Block-time agreement allows Mavericks to undertake work for you that you might normally hesitate engaging in. For instance, clients rarely see the benefit in backing up data – it’s a chore to them and one they don’t perceive the value in (until it’s too late and they’ve lost data!) – and if a clients backup failed then they are going to hesitate paying you to resolve the issue. But with a block-time agreement, experience shows me that clients are typically more open to you resolving these types of issues as they don’t feel they are paying anything more.

This sounds a little bit like Managed Services, doesn’t it – and indeed it is. While some IT business are content selling block-time and never moving to a flat-fee Managed Service agreement with their clients, others use block-time as a stepping stone to educate their clients as to why a flat-fee agreement would be better for them.

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    If you’re struggling to make the move from ad-hoc break/fix work to a flat-fee Managed Service agreement, perhaps because you are stuck in the mentality of only paying for your time rather than the value you get with Managed IT, then moving to Block-Time agreements may be the way forward.

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