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What is Network Security and Why..

There are many components to a network security system that work together to improve your security posture. The most common network security components are discussed below.

Access Control

To keep out potential attackers, you should be able to block unauthorized users and devices from accessing your network. Users that are permitted network access should only be able to work with the set of resources for which they’ve been authorized.

Application Security

Application security includes the hardware, software, and processes that can be used to track and lock down application vulnerabilities that attackers can use to infiltrate your network.


A firewall is a device or service that acts as a gatekeeper, deciding what enters and exits the network. They use a set of defined rules to allow or block traffic. A firewall can be hardware, software, or both.

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    Virtual Private Networks(VPN)

    A virtual private network encrypts the connection from an endpoint to a network, often over the Internet. This way it authenticates the communication between a device and a secure network, creating a secure, encrypted “tunnel” across the open internet.

    Behavioral Analytics

    You should know what normal network behavior looks like so that you can spot anomalies or network breaches as they happen. Behavioral analytics tools automatically identify activities that deviate from the norm.

    Wireless Security

    Wireless networks are not as secure as wired ones. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices and apps. So, you need to control which devices can access your network.

    Intrusion Prevention System

    These systems scan network traffic to identify and block attacks, often by correlating network activity signatures with databases of known attack techniques.


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    How to Protect.

    So, these are some ways of implementing network security. Apart from these, you’ll need a variety of software and hardware tools in your toolkit to ensure network security, those are:

    • Firewalls
    • Packet crafters
    • Web scanners
    • Packet sniffers
    • Intrusion detection system 
    • Penetration testing software

    Network security is essential for overall cybersecurity because network is a significant line of defense against external attack. Given that, virtually all data and applications are connected to the network, robust network security protects against data breaches.

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