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End of Lease Returns

Copier Lease Returns

As a copier dealer, and with thousands of shipments involving copiers to date, we are an expert at moving copiers. From 1 machine, to 500 machines, we make sure every asset is properly secured and tracked until it has reached its destination. Our services cover OH, PA, IN, WV, NY, KY. All shipments are secure, and insured.

When your lease runs up and you need your copier returned to the leasing agency, we attach the return authorization letter with the shipment so the leasing agency knows your copier has been returned. Because many of these shipping agencies are very busy they require shippers like Mavericks to make appointments which sometimes take weeks, and can result in major fines for you. However, because of our large quantity of shipments to most leasing agencies every week, and our established relationships, we are able to avoid these lengthy appointment times!


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