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Solutions for Education

K-12 Education

K-12 Education fosters the development of communication, collaboration and group-led decision-making skills early in a child’s life — which is vital to a healthy, long-term education. Mavericks Office Solution’s collaborative digital classroom tools help empower students to become producers of content and products, facilitating the idea of entrepreneurship and providing new opportunities to enhance project, problem, design, inquiry and challenge-based learning. Coupled with the first of its kind 3D printing curriculum, modules are designed to maximize student engagement and relevance, and improve their overall performance. We also offer a comprehensive suite of school security solutions.

Higher Education

Higher Education is a dynamic compendium of admissions, financial aid, course preparation, academic records, student athletics, alumni relations and 3D printing — all elements that empower your academic institution to provide superior educational services. Our cloud-based collaboration, file-sharing tool and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can make a significant impact on your overall administrative efficiencies and cost-savings. Your institution will realize cost-effective print management and 3D printing, enhanced security and improved management of student documents. We also offer a comprehensive suite of school security solutions.

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    Libraries, educators and archivists help make information more accessible to everyone. Mavericks Office Solution's commitment to them help stretch budgets, reduce and recover costs, decrease paper waste and boost productivity. Our industry-leading hardware and software solutions for scanning, printing, networking, and streamlining administrative workflow allow library professionals to improve services and expand access to meet current and future needs. Our book scanners, Muratec MFPs, pay-for-print solutions, and 3D printers will enhance the value of your library, making it a vital institutional resource in
    the digital era.

    In Plant

    In-Plant reprographics centers on premises can prove beneficial to any school or university in many ways, like saving time and money by reproducing books, presentations and directories without outsourcing them. Mavericks Office Solution’s Production Print technologies – including its Riso’s color inkjet solutions, – can help you create a world class in-plant graphics department. These solutions can help you create course policies, scan documents, and print wide-format banners. Combined, they can significantly improve job management, workflow and fast turnaround times for improved efficiency and
    reduced costs.


    Security in today’s classrooms, campuses and libraries is required to protect proprietary course content and safeguard student information in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines. Mavericks Office Solution’s devices incorporate a wide range of standard data security functions and FERPA-compliant features. If your staff doesn’t have the time or administrative expertise to configure your settings, we’ll do it for you, including initiating e-data security functions to provide lock-down protection for sensitive content. Our IT Services can include solutions such as secure and compliant printing and scanning, protected student and staff information, and stronger data theft defense. School Security Solutions | Intelligent Video Security Solutions | Compliance | Cyber Security | Data & Document Security


    Mobility in our classrooms has become as ubiquitous as interactive white boards, iPads and educational apps, so teachers and administrators need to stay connected – to students, classrooms and offices district-wide. Mavericks Office Solution’s mobile solutions allow users to print and manage records on networked Muratec MFPs, access school documents, and collaborate with students and teachers with connectors to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint and EverNote. And all this can be done securely anytime from anywhere.

    Print Management

    Print Management brings accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus — you’ll be amazed at how much money and resources you’ll save. Our education print management services and device management solutions will help you easily accomplish this and so much more, including monitor and control student and staff printing, integration with back-end transactional systems, and control and charge-back costs to students.

    Advanced Network Security


    Penetration Testing


    Ransomware Protection

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